Monday, November 01, 2004


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I had too much fun to take notes in Barcelona, and I know that no matter what I write Care will mock me (“Spiky??”), but I wanted to mention a few highlights anyway. A bulleted list seems least likely to offend.

  • --Spent some Q.T. with Care, who is fabulous as ever, loving Barcelona and life as only she can. Missed her like mad as soon as she was gone.
  • --She introduced me to Magnum’s new ice cream sandwich; vanilla ice cream that is covered on one end by a thin sheath of milk chocolate, and sandwiched on the other by two slabs of cookie. As if they’d X-rayed both of our private ice cream fantasies and combined them into one. (In three days I ate six ice cream cones, unfortunately only one Magnum).
  • --And we had a really fucking fantastic dinner, too: Idiázabal carpaccio with honey and a few dabs of preserves; hot bread; salmon-hummus toasts; beef filet with shoestrings and pearl onions in vinegar; pineapple crema catalana, plus a decent Rioja. None of these come out as good on paper as they did on the plate and in my mouth. And then, oh boy, Club Cama and DJ Almohada…
  • --Met her new boy-toy Paul, who is by far my favorite of her gentlemen. High five, sistah.
  • --He's right, that mention was not long enough. He's worth more than a one-liner. The kid is talented, humble, blunt, interesting, interested, adventuresome, thoughtful, and clearly crazy about my sister. Has my vote. (Better, Paul?)
  • --Hung out with MPJ and Cecil at a fairy bar, the Pipa Club and the Red Sox game. Our stories kept being interrupted by a guy doing magic tricks, which kind of added to them, I thought.
  • --Spoke with a national champion jump roper, excuse me, rope skipper. She’s the one that turns the ropes. People, this is a real sport.
  • --Ran into tenth-grade math partner Chris Blair in front of the Sagrada Familia. This happened so close to my meeting up with Crystal for the first time in a year that I thought they had actually come together. What are the odds?
  • --Salsa-ed until 4 a.m. with Crystal, Adrian, and his Ecuadorian cousins, at which point I had to leave for the airport, not realizing that 1.) the time had changed back an hour and 2.) I’d mistakenly booked a ticket for the end of November instead of October. Oh, la sale surprise!
  • --Came back to Brussels hung over, tired, wet, cold, and broke, but still smiling over my fantastic weekend. Alisha, we missed you. No, you will never live it down.


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